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A plain frontend isn't just enough as full functional software. Therefore I have experiences in developing backend components for 5 years as well.
I've been working on backend solutions with technologies like API, real time data transfer, database management and many more.
Please check out my recent related backend solutions below!


CourseCosmos screenshot


Languages: TypeScript, Cronjob, Bash Script, HTML, SCSS

Frameworks: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, Vue.js, Webpack

Categories: Frontend, Backend

A website where you can share your created levels from the game "Super Mario Maker 2" with someone else. The solution represents a social media web site similar to Twitter and is heavily SEO optimized.

NYZO with RPC Commands screenshot

NYZO with RPC Commands

Language: Java

Framework: Java Development Kit

Category: Backend

NYZO is open-source, highly decentralized, democratic and a highly efficient blockchain. However NYZO doesn't have a RPC command system and cannot easily be controlled by other softwares. I was working on RPC command systems which currently now exchanges such QBTC and Hotbit uses.

NYZO Merchandise Shop System screenshot

NYZO Merchandise Shop System

Language: JavaScript

Frameworks: Node.js, MongoDB, Discord.js

Category: Backend

For a customer I have developed a Shop Discord Bot System for buying products with NYZO currencies.

Denge License Manager screenshot

Denge License Manager

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js, MongoDB, Express

Category: Backend

The software "Denge" also allows customers to buy a development environment license. The license manager also monitors how much clients can be installed per license.

Trading Bot screenshot

Trading Bot

Language: C#

Framework: .NET

Category: Backend

Developing a trading bot for a customer. The trading bot should be able to trade on Crytopia, HitBTC, YoBit, EtherDelta and Fairlay at the same time.

Gravium Swap screenshot

Gravium Swap

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Frameworks: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Vue.js

Categories: Frontend, Backend

Design of a website with the functionality to swap desires to Gravium. The requirements where to keep the frontend simple and easy to use and the backend to ensure that everything goes well and doesnt contain any fatal mistakes for losing coins.

DevsHeaven Job Automation screenshot

DevsHeaven Job Automation

Languages: TypeScript, HTML, CSS

Frameworks: Node.js, Vue.js, Express, Discord.js

Categories: Frontend, Backend

Posting job requests from a website to discord group chat where everyone can see the jobs and take them.