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Some solutions don't work perfect on websites where performance has the highest priority or more professional applications with offline functionality are requried.
For further examples of my desktop application solutions, please scroll down!


Gravium Wallet 2 screenshot

Gravium Wallet 2

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js, Electron

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

The old cryptocurrency based on qt is way to outdated and complicated. So I created a new gravium wallet for easy use and efficiency.

Denge Software screenshot

Denge Software

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js, Electron, Vue.js

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

This software was developed for a turkish customer. The solution uses a hardware scanner to manage the pharmacy's supplies.

Hule Level Editor screenshot

Hule Level Editor

Language: C#

Framework: .NET

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

Hule Level Editor is an alternative room editor for Game Maker Studio with advanced functions. It enables with an extended layer system to work with instances, set instances on line points, on rectangle points, resize tiles, offset tiles, offset grids, gain access to an extended instance selection system. Best of all - you can work with multirooms, extented selection systems, see many rooms on a room tab and create better levels.

PyxelEdit 3D Viewer

Language: GML

Made with: Game Maker: Studio

Category: Desktop

With the 3D Viewer PyxelEdit 2D sprites display from pyxel edit on fake 3D. The viewer only updates the files if the Pyxel Edit files are saved (Ctrl+S). There are many settings like set to pixelated, fix edges (while you're scaling up), pin windows (so the they stays always in the foreground), etc.