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I have build much more solutions than listed in the categories above. I can also offer experiences with programmable machines, creating animations, vector graphics, artificial intelligence, physics and maths.
Please see the examples below for more uncategorized projects.


Game Boy: Pi Zero screenshot

Game Boy: Pi Zero

Made with: Raspberry Pi Zero

Category: Other

A custom build Game Boy made with Raspberry Pi Zero

Creating Prototypes screenshot

Creating Prototypes

Made with: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

Categories: Prototype, Vector, Other

I also created multiple prototypes for websites and applications with many different design alternatives to compare which design fits better.

Handheld Console Vector screenshot

Handheld Console Vector

Made with: Adobe Illustrator

Categories: Vector, Other

Adobe Illustrator is one of my favorite design tools, in this example I created vector graphics from the Nintendo handheld. Those graphics can easily be animated and used on websites or videos.

Native Animation for Website

Made with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Categories: Vector, Animation, Other

This is a quick and easy example of a smartphone swiping animation which can directly be used on websites. This kind of animations are optional for very low data usage, it has a great sharp resolution due vectors and it runs very smoothly.

Planet Generator screenshot

Planet Generator

Language: C#

Made with: Unity3D

Categories: Math, Other

Generating planets by using maths and noise texture. It was only for experimental use and has been never released.

FisicaGM Engine screenshot

FisicaGM Engine

Language: GML

Made with: Game Maker: Studio

Categories: Math, Physic, Other

I really love physics, so I created a custom build physic engine made in Game Maker from scratch. It is a simple physics engine with the shape of circle, rectangle or polygon with newton's law of motion and collision systems.

AI Path Finding

Language: C#

Made with: Unity3D

Categories: Math, Other

I was working on AI for a game based in Unity3D where object A needs to get through object B with many other objects on the way which object A need to avoid to collide objects. It was required that is was fast to calculate - the smartness of AI wasn't important.

Tree Generator screenshot

Tree Generator

Language: GML

Made with: Game Maker: Studio

Categories: Math, Other

Tree Generator was surprisingly very easy and simple to generate. All you have to do is just follow into one path and at the end, you split this path into two or three and continue that way.

3D Low Poly Model screenshot

3D Low Poly Model

Made with: Blender

Categories: 3D, Other

I created 3d models optimized for games, 3d printer, prototypes or for animations

Raycast Edge Detection

Language: C#

Made with: Unity3D

Categories: Math, Other

Detecting with prebuilt raycasting at edges was very difficult to do in Unity 3D, so I created my own raycasting system to be able detecting edges.