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I have experiences in frontend development for 6 years.
So I know how to create your perfect website for different devices by using the latest frameworks available.
I also know what your end users are expecting!
Please check out at my recent frontend solutions below!


Gravium Website screenshot

Gravium Website

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Framework: Wordpress

Category: Frontend

Presenting cryptocurrency requires a good and clean website. This website is also SEO optimized.

Gravium Mobile Wallet

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Cordova, Vue.js, Webpack, Node.js

Categories: App, Frontend

A mobile wallet for a cryptocurrency project. It has almost all functionalities of the desktop version and the blockchain is on the server. The solution can be used on iOS, Android and/or as Web.

CourseCosmos screenshot


Languages: TypeScript, Cronjob, Bash Script, HTML, SCSS

Frameworks: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, Vue.js, Webpack

Categories: Frontend, Backend

A website where you can share your created levels from the game "Super Mario Maker 2" with someone else. The solution represents a social media web site similar to Twitter and is heavily SEO optimized.

Denge Website screenshot

Denge Website

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Framework: Wordpress

Category: Frontend

I was working on a showcase about the desktop application "Denge" as well (more Information, see on Desktop section).

Gravium Swap screenshot

Gravium Swap

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Frameworks: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Vue.js

Categories: Frontend, Backend

Design of a website with the functionality to swap desires to Gravium. The requirements where to keep the frontend simple and easy to use and the backend to ensure that everything goes well and doesnt contain any fatal mistakes for losing coins.

DevsHeaven Job Automation screenshot

DevsHeaven Job Automation

Languages: TypeScript, HTML, CSS

Frameworks: Node.js, Vue.js, Express, Discord.js

Categories: Frontend, Backend

Posting job requests from a website to discord group chat where everyone can see the jobs and take them.

Gravium Wallet 2 screenshot

Gravium Wallet 2

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js, Electron

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

The old cryptocurrency based on qt is way to outdated and complicated. So I created a new gravium wallet for easy use and efficiency.

Denge Software screenshot

Denge Software

Language: TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js, Electron, Vue.js

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

This software was developed for a turkish customer. The solution uses a hardware scanner to manage the pharmacy's supplies.

Hule Level Editor screenshot

Hule Level Editor

Language: C#

Framework: .NET

Categories: Desktop, Frontend

Hule Level Editor is an alternative room editor for Game Maker Studio with advanced functions. It enables with an extended layer system to work with instances, set instances on line points, on rectangle points, resize tiles, offset tiles, offset grids, gain access to an extended instance selection system. Best of all - you can work with multirooms, extented selection systems, see many rooms on a room tab and create better levels.